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"I will be forever grateful for Keeley teaching me to drive, at first I was a very nervous and panicky driver with no previous experience. Keeley helped me to build my confidence massively encouraging me at all times and to finally book my test which I was very hesitant to do. In particular, Keeley helped me on the day of my test where I was very nervous and helped me to calm down, and I passed first time with flying colours! If you're looking for a friendly, approachable and experienced driver Keeley is the best instructor I could recommended!" - Tarryn 


"After having numerous driving lessons with another instructor and not feeling happy. I decided to look for another one and i come across ' keeley driving school'. Keeley had a very friendly approach and made me feel at ease when booking my first lesson with her. While having my lessons i felt completely relaxed and confident. Keeley always listened to my concerns and always made it easier to overcome difficulties eg with manoeuvres, she was extremely patient with me. Her years of experience as an instructor clearly showed because with her guidance i managed to pass my test :). i would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive"


"For me,Keeley cant come highly recommended enough.I was an extremely nervous learner to begin with,but keeley was so encouraging and reassuring,that I was able to enjoy my lessons with her.She is a fantastic driving instructor,very patient,and able to put you right at ease very quickly,but still remaining very professional at the same time.Keeley definately gave me the best start to driving". - Theresa


"I'm so glad I picked Keeley to teach me to drive because I passed my test in 3 months and have enjoyed driving since I started. I looked forward to every lesson with Keeley as she was always confident in me and encouraged me as much as she could. We had a laugh throughout lessons which helped as my confidence was low and I was nervous all the time. We had lessons that I will never forget and I feel like if it wasn't for Keeley I wouldn't be on the roads now. She's a very friendly bubbly lady and I recommend her to everyone!" - Chloe Moran